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PolyDrain Installation photoABT's PolyDrain system goes head-to-head with ACO on commercial construction specifications.

The 6" wide (OD) PolyDrain channels feature a .6% slope and 4" radius interior for maximum flow velocity.  Each 1 meter channel uses interlocking joints to keep the system aligned during installation and prevent leaks.

PolyWall Sidewall Extensions and Gender Mender channels expand PolyDrain's layout configuration options.  Overlay rails protect channel edges from chipping and provide a uniform aesthetic.

ABT PolyDrain installation photo

Using Polyclip installation brackets, contractors can align and level channels quickly.  Polyclip II technology ensures that channels remain secure during installation.


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ABT PolyDrain Series Cheat Sheet
Channel Length 1m, 1/2m
Channel Width (OD) 6.1"
Channel Width (ID) 4"
Outlet Sizes 2", 3", 4", 6" (NH)
Available Slope 0.6%
Load Ratings AASHTO M306-89, H-20, HS-25
Class A Fire Rating checkbox UL Classified

PolyDrain Grating

With a large selection of grates and covers, ABT PolyDrain can cover any commercial application.  PolyDrain features covers and grates from pedestrian Class A to industrial-capable Class F.

Choose heel-proof perforated or steel slotted grating in pedestrian or traffic-rated options.  Ductile iron grates are available in standard or frame-reinforced versions.

ABT transverse slotted ductile iron grate

PolyDrain Decorative Grating

For decorative grating, pick one of eighteen iron patterns by Iron Age Designs designed to fit seamlessly with the system.

Decorative cast iron grates for ABT Polydrain system

Paver Grate for use with ABT Polydrain systemPaver Grate

ABT's Paver Grate turns your standard PolyDrain or PolyShallow drainage system into an ideal system to use in a brick paver situation. Slot is ADA Compliant and Heel Proof.

Paver Grate drawing view PDF

Paver Grate for use with ABT Polydrain system Ada Compliant - Heel Proof
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